Online Therapy Services

For a while now, Leaps and Bounds occupational therapy services have been offered online via a platform ‘Coviu’. A large part of occupational therapy is about considering a child’s natural environment and it is lovely to have the opportunity to work with children and their families in their homes, virtually.


We love to brainstorm home-based resources, tools and strategies to assist in achieving your child’s goals. You don’t need anything special to participate, just an internet connection and a Coviu link that we email to you prior to the session. And most importantly, the evidence says it’s works! 


Our online sessions run very similarly to an in-person therapy session. Your therapist will discuss goals for the session with you and your child, and conduct the session as per usual with instructions delivered via online video.


If you are new to online occupational therapy, you and your child’s first session will be an initial consult; this will be to discuss goals and resources you have readily available in your home. As with in-person sessions, all individual therapy sessions are unique, and the session will look different depending on the goals that your child is working on. We ask that you are involved in the first session to get the best outcomes.


Time at the end will be reserved for discussing strategies and ideas for continuing to work on the goals at home, offline.