Group & School Holiday Programs

We have extended our services to include different forms of group therapy held in both our clinic and at our neighbours, We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym.


We have found group therapy to be effective for a wide range of our clients for many great reasons, including:


  • Providing a safe and supportive space for children to practice skills learnt from prior individualised therapy

  • Encourage children to connect with peers and build friendships
  • Promoting generalisation of skills to everyday life
    Preparing children for the classroom in a controlled environment
  • Continuing to achieve individual goals whilst in a group setting

Current Groups

Holiday Group

Our School Holiday groups run during each the term break each year. Our groups are designed during each school term to focus on our clients needs. As these groups change please follow our social media for updates regarding the next school holiday group or contact us on (02) 87508061 or for further information. 

Super Social Group

Our Super Social Group runs for 10 weeks at We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym for 10 weeks.  This program is specifically designed for children aged 4-5 years old with additional needs who are ready to improve their social and school readiness skills. 

This program is an evidence based intervention that has been scientifically proven to help supporting children in building fundamental skills. 

See our brochures below for further information regarding our Super Social Group. 

Leap Ahead Group

Our 10 week program that supports our clients to develop important life skills 

to increase their independence in all aspects of their life. 


Our Leap Ahead Group is available for anyone aged 12-21 years old who are ready to develop required skills to improve their independence in everyday life. 

See our brochures below for further information regarding our Leap Ahead Group.