What is Occupational Therapy?

Types of Occupational Therapy services we offer:

In Clinic Therapy
School Based Therapy
Home based therapy
Telehealth sessions
Dyad sessions
Group sessions
Contract work with schools

The primary goal of Occupational Therapy is to maximise a child’s potential in all of their activities. This includes activities at home, school, and in social situations. Occupational therapy will enable a child to participate fully in all the things that they should do as children, including all of the things that are important and meaningful to the child and their family.

Some areas that occupational therapists commonly assist with are:

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What is it like working with Leaps and Bounds?

At Leaps and Bounds we offer a wide range of occupational therapy programs with a variety of goals and methods. We can create a program to meet any of the goals that you and your child may have. Most of these programs involve key skills and abilities that are important to being a child:

At Leaps and Bounds we are dedicated to serving you and your child. In order to best meet your needs and the needs of your child we offer all of our programs in several locations. We have brand new therapy rooms at our centre in Wetherill Park. Our team are also able to able to create programs for your child at their school. To suit you we also offer all of our OT programs in your home.

As part of an Occupational Therapy evaluation, your therapist will determine a child’s strengths and capabilities. The child’s family will actively participate in identifying areas of concern for the child. Your therapist may also identify problems that may contribute to a child’s limitations, including muscle weakness, difficulties with spatial relationships or other perceptual concepts, difficulty sequencing tasks, or a short attention span.

Therapy at Leaps and Bounds is always child-centred. Goals focus on activities that are most important to a child. Activities that we use in therapy are meaningful, engaging, and are directed by the child.